32-year old Nicole Lapin shares her experience on Egg Freezing Process

Nicole Lapin shares her Egg Freezing story

Financial guru, popular television personality and author Nicole Lapin says, “be in the driver’s seat” of her life when she choose egg freezing.

She adds, “When I was in my 20s, I was career, career, career.”

Lapin now 32 says, “I realized that I was in the backseat of my own life and I wanted to take control and I wanted to be in the driver’s seat of my own life.”

Lapin not only froze her eggs but she documented her personal emotional journey for Redbook magazine on Egg Freezing. Lapin is a financial columnist for Redbook.

She says, “Today is the day I took charge of my future” in her diary.”

She felt her biological clock ticking at the age of 30 and shared a long-term relationship with a person with whom she had no plans of having a family.

She adds, “I always wanted to have a family. I wanted to be married by my late 20s. I wanted to have kids by my early 30s,” Lapin said. “You know, it didn’t happen for me that way.”

Lapin tells that the egg freezing process charged her around $14,000. She further says, “I had the craziest cravings,”, who experienced hormonal changes and bloating during the process of getting daily shots for 3 weeks.

She says, “Her egg retrieval left her with lesser eggs than she expected so she plans to have a second freezing. She does not plan to use the eggs right away.”

She tells, “I don’t want to use them. I want to be married and I want to have kids on my own but it gives me the most options possible for when I do want to become a mother.”

Lapin hopes that sharing her story inspires other women to become more thoughtful about their fertility.

She further adds, “I think it’s a taboo and people don’t talk about it. I hope to break that taboo, hopefully by sharing my own story, to help other young women feel empowered to do the same thing.”

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News Chief Women’s Health Correspondent describes the egg freezing process in 3 stages.

1st stage: The first stage is “workup” that involves ultrasounds and blood tests.

Doctor Jennifer Ashton says, “In terms of money, [it is] a couple of hundred to maybe a couple of thousand dollars. Not that much time, days to weeks, and physical discomfort [is] little to none.”

2nd Stage: The next stage is the stimulation process where the budget jumps to thousands of dollars.

“This consists of injection of high-powered hormones and monitoring every day by ultrasound to look at your ovaries.  Again, it can take weeks just for one cycle. If you have to do more than one [cycle], months. And physical discomfort, a little more. A lot of women describe this as PMS on steroids.”

3rd Stage: The final stage is the retrieval process that is an operating room procedure performed under anesthesia.

“This jumps up again to thousands of dollars,” Ashton said. “Time wise it’s just one day and physical discomfort varies, usually none but in rare cases you can get something called [ovarian] hyperstimulation syndrome which is very uncomfortable.”

Dr. Jennifer Ashton stresses that the egg freezing process varies from person to person.

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Prime Things You Should Know About Before Freezing Your Eggs

Egg Freezing Program India

Is Egg Freezing the right option for you? Let us take a look at what Egg Freezing is. Egg Freezing, also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, is a process where the eggs (oocytes) are extracted, frozen and preserved for later use. When the woman wishes to become pregnant in future, the eggs are fertilized, and inserted back into the uterus as embryos.

We at Seed ART Bank agree that taking the decision to undergo the egg freezing process is not easy. Some may think that egg freezing process may not yield effective results. While some may think that the eggs retrieval procedure is a painful procedure. But all these are myths which hold no truth. Here is a list of some FAQs about egg freezing.

Who should consider Egg Freezing?

1. Women who are career-oriented and prefer late pregnancy : As fertility probability declines with age, freezing your eggs at an early age increases your chance for future pregnancy. However, unlike the ovary and eggs, the uterus does not age and is able to attain pregnancy up to 40s and 50s. The frozen eggs are stored at a temperature of -196 degrees. So there are lesser chances of deterioration in the egg quality with time.

2. Women detected with cancer : Egg freezing gives an opportunity to store eggs prior to chemotherapy, surgery or radiation processes. These treatments spoil the eggs quality and may lead to infertility. However, in some cases, productive eggs can be presented after the entire cancer treatment process. The preserving options may vary depending on the age of the patient, type of cancer detected, and the cancer-treatment plan followed.

3. Women with genetic history of early menopause : Few types of early menopause may have genetic links. In this case, Egg freezing makes it possible to store eggs before they get depleted.

4. Women undergoing IVF treatment : Couples who are undergoing IVF treatment can opt for Egg Freezing process if they do not wish to fertilize more eggs. In this case, eggs can be fertilized if they wish to expand their family.

When is the right time for egg freezing?

The simplest answer to pursue egg freezing is in the earliest reproductive years, for example, women in 20s and early 30s – to ensure best quality and quantity of eggs.

A woman is born with a number of eggs, which reduce overtime. This deterioration shows why a woman aged 40 and above only has 5 percent chance of becoming pregnant.

What is the optimal number of eggs to be frozen?

It is always best to be prepared to encounter a percentage of eggs obtained that may not last for a longer duration. So it is recommended to preserving approximately 15-20 eggs at one time. Women at an early age may have eggs available from just one stimulation or freeze cycle. Some women may have to undergo the freeze cycle once or more to reach the goal.

Where are the eggs stored?

Once the eggs are vitrified, your eggs will be placed into liquid nitrogen storage containers for safekeeping. Various Mechanisms are available for safe and long-term storage of your eggs. You may be provided with paperwork needed to assist you in arranging for the transport of your eggs.

How long can the eggs be stored?

Freezing of human eggs is a fresh concept. In the case of eggs of a woman at early age, the frozen embryos are known to survive for approximately 5 years or may be more. In case of man, the human sperm is capable of producing healthy pregnancies for decades.

Is egg freezing possible, if a woman has irregular period cycles?

It is a fact that women with irregular cycles have plenty of eggs and they don’t ovulate often. These eggs are stimulated for freezing similarly like in women with regular period cycles. Initial evaluation includes testing to examine the hormonal and egg status.

What are the risks of Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing process may result in different risks. Excessive usage of fertility drugs during the fertility treatment may harm the functioning of your body. Retrieval of eggs may cause bleeding, infection or damage to bowel, bladder or blood vessels. The general anesthesia given during this process may be a point of concern as well.

At Seed ART Bank, egg freezing program has success rates as high as 50 per cent. With our affiliated fertility clinics, pregnancy rates with frozen eggs are very similar to our IVF pregnancy rates using fresh eggs. Moreover, babies born from frozen eggs are as healthy as natural babies and do not have any risk or birth defects.

What is the Egg Freezing cost in India?

Egg freezing cost involves several factors like timing and so on. If you wish to freeze your eggs with us, it will cost you around Rs 50,000/- excluding taxes at the initial stage of the egg freezing process. Later, it will charge you about Rs 25,000/- annually for storage for the next five years.

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Let’s beat the biological clock, Store your egg at Seed ART Bank

egg freezing cost | egg freezing process

Egg Freezing is one of the new and wonderful options for women who want to delay pregnancy and have a child later. By freezing eggs, they can simply freeze their eggs in pursuit of a career and use them later.

Freezing eggs is technically known as oocyte cryopreservation in which a woman beats the biological clock by extending fertility. All they need to do is get an egg cell extracted from their bodies to be frozen for future use. These frozen eggs are stored and used for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments whenever a woman is ready to have a baby. In India, there is an increasing trend of working women – both single and married – who want to delay pregnancy to focus on their careers, going in for freezing eggs. egg freezing cost in India for working women in India hover around few lakh bucks for preserving their fertility.

With the advent of improved medical technology, a new flash-freezing process called vitrification has now made egg storage a much more realistic option. In this process, an egg is placed in liquid nitrogen at temperatures of -196°C, which instantly freezes the egg. Since the procedure was introduced, egg freezing has been successful for a large number of women. Some women diagnosed with cancer opt for freezing their eggs as a safeguard in case their fertility is affected by the cancer or in the course of treatment. It has been observed that vitrification is a far better technique. According to doctors, the age at which eggs are frozen matters a lot when it comes to its success. A frozen egg from a younger woman is always better than 35-year-old women. According to a study, there is a 47 percent success rate for frozen eggs. Most fertility experts believe success depends on the woman’s age, the number of eggs removed from the ovary and how successfully the eggs are fertilized.

Cryopreservation has been around since years and it recently gained huge prominence when two large US corporations, Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc., announced they would pay up to $20,000 to their female employees for freezing their eggs and pursuing their careers.

Why Egg Freezing?

Seed ART Bank also provides the chance to women to freeze their eggs and use them when they feel to have a child later. More and more women are opting for egg freezing program India and defer pregnancies to early, even mid or late-thirties. According to experts, fertility start to decline in women as they age but egg freezing offers them an option to have their biological children whenever they want. The overall procedure is simple. An ovum is extracted and stored at our bank. It is a non-invasive process and the egg can be stored for five years.

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